Have you ever preferred to share a car to get to the snow instead of going alone? IceCar is a mobile application specialized in winter resorts that helps you. It has two modes of use: one in which you can offer your private vehicle to other users; and another from which you can search for drivers who offer theirs.

Its main differentiating element compared to the competition is that it allows you to choose as a destination a location that is not a registered city, but directly the resort. At the same time, it has characteristics typical of these routes, such as the vehicle's ability to transport material for winter sports activities and its ability to function during periods of abundant snow.

Easy to use

  • 1
    Select the resort

    Pick the destination, the date and the number of passengers.

  • 2
    Choose your driver

    Select one of the offered trips and personalize your experience.

  • 3
    Pay safely

    Secure payments through Stripe in your Android and iOS.

Beautiful UI


The framework chosen to make the application is Flutter. It allows you to create apps for both Android and iOS with a single source of code, saving a lot of time during development. To maintain a common aesthetic throughout the application, reusable design patterns have been created, so that the usability for the user is improved.

I have tried to use as few dependencies as possible when building the app to improve build speed and smooth animations. All interactions with the backend have been carried out asynchronously and with visual elements that allow the user to know what is happening at all times.


The application has numerous customization options to help its ease of use and understanding. Options to save billing and payment details make booking has never been easier. Some main functions of the application are listed below:

  • Winter resort details

    Updated information on the state of the slopes and station schedules.

  • Trip reservation

    Book your journey without leaving the app.

  • Integrated chat

    Stay up to date with last minute changes and help your passengers.

  • Payment methods

    Android Pay and Apple Pay are available.

  • Availability notices

    Get notified when your desired trip is available.

  • Driver review

    Driver reviews to give you the best experience.